New Graphic Card Supports Samsung Galaxy S8 4K Display

September 28, 2016 | News

Samsung Galaxy S8 4K Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 4K Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors about 4K display seems like coming true. It is reported wholesale jerseys China that Samsung will bring new graphic card for the new flagship to support the great resolution.

SamMobile mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be powered by Exynos 8895 chip with new graphic card Mali-G71.

Based on Arm record, the GPU has a performance about 40% and bandwidth saving about 20% better than Team jerseys Mali T880 in Samsung Galaxy S7.

SamMobile claimed that Mali-G71 is faster that the latest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 830. They said that the claim is reasonable because the giant electronic from South Korea modify the GPU.

Within the ARM record mentioned that G71 is made based on 16nm FinFET. Then Samsung modifies it to be efficient by applying 10nm. The result is faster than the ARM record.

It is possible for Samsung to wholesale nfl jerseys support their ambision to bring 4K display for the new flagship singulair pill. It is aimed to give maximum experience for virtual reality, as it is reported from Android Central wholesale jerseys China on Monday (27/9/2016)



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