Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On Review

April 16, 2017 | News

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On


On the announcement day of Samsung Galaxy S8, there are some attendances (mostly tech journalists) are given a chance to hands on the new handset. The after having a precious time with Samsung new flagship, they share their first impression about S8 in a hands-on review on their websites. Here are the summaries of Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on review from several favorite sites.

Tech Radar

If Samsung put the right price tag for the newly released handsets, Samsung Galaxy S8 is potential to be successful. There is a great combination between the power and the design of the phone. The new screen design of Galaxy S8 is also the most attractive one among the current smartphones that we have ever seen.

Denouncing Samsung Galaxy S8 is hard because it is fast, attractive, and has the biggest screen in a compact body. Samsung Galaxy S8 is presumably a phone to be defeated in 2017, and the competitors won’t find it easy to fight.

The Verge

We challenge anyone to hold the Galaxy S8 and don’t think that this is a beautiful and fancy phone. Besides using the high technology, Samsung Galaxy S8 is also pleasant to hold and play.

On the same date last year, we declared that Samsung is leading in design with Samsung Galaxy S7 and apparently this company continues this firmly in the Galaxy S8. There was a debacle with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but now the phone starts to get attention.



This new smartphone of Samsung is pretty impressive, fast, and full of excellent features. But apparently, it sacrifices many things to get this beautiful appearance and powerful performance. For a bigger screen and a thin bezel of the Galaxy S8 display, the fingerprint sensor position is awkward, and it has the same camera as the S7, there’s no stereo speaker, and the face recognition of the new handset is convenient to use, but it is not as secure as iris scanner.

Probably all the stuff we mentioned above won’t be any trouble in daily use. But still, we worry about all of these on the phone.

Tom’s Guide

Samsung said that the Galaxy S8 creates a new phone category. Possibly the statement is too far, but the combination of the phone design and the digital assistant Bixby is pretty much impressive. Samsung Galaxy S8 also gives you a bigger screen than iPhone with a more compact body. It provides a harder challenge to the iPhone 8.

With all the design of the Galaxy S8, the success of the Galaxy S8 depends on the improvement of Bixby. What kind of skills that will be added to the digital assistant Bixby by Samsung and its partner. But for now, Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to be the champion.


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