Samsung Galaxy S8 Key Features

September 5, 2017 | Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S8 Feature

Samsung Galaxy S8 Feature

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

Toward the official announcement of Samsung Galaxy S8 at New York City, some predictions and assumptions about what the new flagship will bring are floating everywhere. Undoubtedly, the facts about the newly released flagship are all unveiled at Samsung’s big event in New York City. On the announcement day, Samsung presented all details about the phone’s key hardware and software features. If you are wondering about all details mentioned during the announcement day, here is the summary of Samsung Galaxy S8 Key Features.

We can see that obviously, the entire user guide is spotlighting all the Galaxy S8 key features. From the Samsung Galaxy S8 key features, we can see the detail of every single feature and setting. From the announcement, the company explaining Samsung Galaxy S8 exclusive features such as DeX and Bixby completed with dedicated hardware button. Deeply, here is the detail of Samsung Galaxy S8 key features you need to know from the official announcement:

Infinity Display


There are three main parts of this Infinity Display feature; those are: always on display, multi window, and edge screen. Below are the explanations of each point:

  1. Always on display – with this capability of the Galaxy S8, you can view various information of the phone such as a clock or calendar, even when the screen is off.
  2. Multi-window – with this Multi window capability, you can run two apps simultaneously on Samsung Galaxy S8 without changing the screen. If you use the snap window feature on the Galaxy S8, it allows you to select an area and then pin it to the top of the screen and use the lower window for the other apps or features.
  3. Edge screen – with various Edge panels of Samsung Galaxy S8, it is easy for you to access frequently used feature quickly. If you want to, you can also capture an area of content so that you can share it with anyone else.

Intelligent Life

Especially for intelligent life, there are some appealing points you can get from this features. Here are the details for you:

  1. Hello Bixby – With the Hello Bixby on the S8, you can view frequently updated content like the weather, reminders, and also alarms, in one accessible place. This capability is because Bixby has an ability to analyze the usage patterns of the S8 so that it can provide suggested information, apps, and functions based on the phone’s routine.
  2. Bixby Vision (image search) – Bixby Vision is a feature to search a picture. This smart feature allows you to find relevant information of the picture conveniently. If you want to use it, you can activate Bixby Vision and then scan any object or locations using the Galaxy S8 camera to search for relevant product online or nearby places. This feature also can help you translate detected text.
  3. Reminder – you can create a reminder of the scheduled notifications and to-do items or use location reminders if it is necessary. Not only that, but the feature also allows you to create a reminder of videos, images, or websites to let you view them later.
  4. Bixby (intelligent voice assistant) – here is the best part of this feature: the smart voice assistant Bixby. This voice assistant can help you use the Galaxy S8 more conveniently. When you need to use this, you just need to press the Bixby key or say “Bixby.” After you press the key or say “Bixby,” it will automatically respond you. You can start a conversation with Bixby by talking or typing. By the end of the conversation, Bixby will launch a function you request or show the asked information.



There are several options of Security features on Samsung Galaxy S8. Below we have all the details for you:

  1. Iris recognition – the iris recognition feature is a security feature uses the unique characteristics of your iris, including the shapes and patterns, to strengthen the security of your device. With this feature, you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8 screen using your iris data quickly. You can also use it to verify your Samsung account, and also sign into web pages and much more.
  2. Fingerprint recognition – Samsung Galaxy S8 has a built-in capacitive sensor that can read your fingerprint. You can use your fingerprint by touching this sensor from any direction to unlock the phone and also to pay with Samsung pay.
  3. Face recognition – with this Face recognition; you don’t need to draw a pattern or enter a PIN or password to unlock the screen. You just need to show up your face so that you can use this face recognition to unlock your Galaxy S8.
  4. Secure Folder – If you have private content and apps you want to hide from anyone else, you can hide them in Secure Folder. By protecting your Photos, memos, and also your apps in Secure Folder, others won’t be able to access them. To keep all your private content and apps safe, you can hide the Secure Folder containing everything you want to protect when the device is unlocked.
  5. Samsung Pass – you can register your IDs and password for every website to “Samsung Pass.” and then verify your identity securely via your biometric data. This way is much better than entering your login information.


Samsung has made some alteration to the camera on Samsung Galaxy S8. With the new camera on the new flagship, you can experience the improved camera for taking pictures. Samsung also has improved the front-facing camera with it’s smart “Auto Focus” (AF) feature to take clear selfies. The improved front-facing camera also allows you to create various scenes with the various shooting modes and optimized filters.

Other key features


Besides several features we have mentioned above, Samsung Galaxy S8 also has some other key features which are also important to bring the new flagship up to the premium smartphone level. Here is the list of Samsung Galaxy S8 key features:

  1. Samsung Pay – Samsung Pay is an excellent choice to help you purchase items by touching your Galaxy S8 to any standard credit card reader. If you want to use this Samsung Pay using the S8, firstly you need to register your frequently used credit or debit cards so that you can make quick and secure payments.
  2. Samsung DeX – Samsung Galaxy S8 has Samsung DeX to allow you use all features on Samsung Galaxy S8 on a large screen conveniently by connecting an external display, keyboard, and also mouse. By using the Samsung DeX, you can use your S8 like a computer by connecting it to an external display (TV monitor).
  3. Samsung Connect – This feature gives a smart way to connect your S8 to nearby devices like Bluetooth headsets or other smartphones with ease and quickly. This feature also allows you to control and manage TVs, home appliances, and IoT products with your S8.
  4. Samsung Cloud – Storage is some crucial matter on every smartphone. With this Samsung Cloud, you have another option to store your valuable data such as images, videos, and apps, securely. By saving your precious data to Samsung Cloud, you can view everything you have stored in the Samsung Cloud on other devices.
  5. Bluetooth Dual Audio – This feature allows you to stream audio from your S8 to up to two Bluetooth headsets or speakers simultaneously. With this smart feature, you can also adjust the volume for each device independently so that you can listen comfortably.
  6. An external memory card (microSD card) – you can use this microSD card to expand the storage of Galaxy S8 so that you can store more content.
  7. Water resistant – Samsung Galaxy S8 is water resistant; with the IP68 standards on the new flagship, you are ensured that you can use this smartphone in wet environments.
  8. Connection with Gear – If it is necessary, you can use the Samsung Gear App to connect your smartphone and Gear. By connecting your smartphone and Gear, you can answer calls, receive messages, measure your heart rate, record your walking steps, play music and much more on the Gear.


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