Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus Has the Best Display

April 17, 2017 | News

Samsung Galaxy S8 Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are now available for pre-order after its official announcement on March 29th. The new handset of Samsung Galaxy S series earned many compliments, especially for its display. One of these compliments came from DisplayMate. A report said that DisplayMate Rated Samsung Galaxy S8 as a smartphone with the best display of any phone on the current market. DisplayMate itself is a leading provider of calibration services and optimization of various types of screens Traditional dating may be quite tricky and often requires a lot of effort, besides it does not always get you the results you have been longing for. DisplayMate granted ‘crown’ to the Galaxy S8 after it passing through a series of laboratory tests, as AndroidAuthority reported it, Wednesday (5/4/2017).

Best Display

Not only from DisplayMate but UHD Alliance for Mobile HDR Premium also certified Samsung Galaxy S8 Display as the best display. The latest handset of Samsung Galaxy S series is the first smartphone with that certification from the alliance.

Many reasons to certify Samsung Galaxy S8 has the best display. It means that Samsung Galaxy S8 display can show images and videos on a High Dynamic Range (HDR), similar to the ability of a big screen 4K UHD television. And currently, the Galaxy S8 is the first smartphone with that kind of Display.

According to DisplayMate, the best display of Samsung Galaxy S8 enables the working mechanism of Sub-Pixel Rendering, where every green, red and blue sub-pixel is treated as an independent element of images.  “every sub-pixel is not bound together into fixed pixels,” DisplayMate team said.

That working mechanism of Samsung Galaxy S8 display treats every sub-pixel on the screen works maximally and show the result to spoil our eyes. The resolution of the Galaxy S8 screen is estimated to be three times of the similar resolution of standard Pixel Rendering.

That’s not all, the green, red and blue sub-pixel on the Galaxy S8 display has different sizes, with blue being the largest sub-pixel and green being the lowest one. “This allows vertical, horizontal, and particularly diagonal line segments and vectors to be drawn with reduced aliasing and artifacts.” Said the representative of DisplayMate.

Many technical explanations can describe how it works toward the certification of Samsung Galaxy S8 as a smartphone with the best display. Apparently, this predicate (smartphone with the best display) belongs to Samsung Galaxy S8 display for a few months ahead, or any longer. Until then, the competitors who are about coming out later should think twice to defeat the Galaxy S8 display if they want to catch up.



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