How to Use / Setting the Dual Audio Feature

April 3, 2017 | Tutorial

Galaxy S8 Dual Audio Setting

Galaxy S8 Dual Audio Setting

Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual Audio Setting

Samsung Galaxy S8 arrives with many interesting new features including Samsung Connect feature. Thanks to the new feature, you can now connect two Bluetooth headphones sets on the phone simultaneously. Confused on how it works? Don’t be. The Samsung Connect feature also allows users to stream music via Bluetooth and adjust the volume of both audio sources independently. Users can also connect the Galaxy S8 to two different speakers. Here’s how to use or setting the Dual audio feature on Samsung Galaxy S8.

How To Use The Dual Audio Feature

  1. Go to Settings > Connections   > Bluetooth
  2. Activate Bluetooth by tapping the switch. You will then see the detected devices.
  3. Next, Tap Dual Audio, and tap the switch to activate
  4. Next tap the back button.
  5. Now select a device to pair with
  6. Next, Tap next to the connected device and tap the Media audio switch to activate it.
  7. Choose another device from the list and activate its Media audio feature
  8. That’s it.

You can now enjoy the dual audio feature on Samsung Galaxy S8.


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